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A computer printer which can print in full colour, enabling computers to print maps, pictures, and other illustrations. Cheaper models are based on the ink-jet principle. Colour laser printers are now becoming less costly, and hence increasingly common. Some colour printers are also scanners and copiers.

The most common type of computer printer is the inkjet printer - a type of computer printer that operates by propelling tiny droplets of liquid ink onto paper for the general consumer due to their low cost, high quality of output, capability of printing in vivid color, and ease of use. .

With multi-function devices, faxing, scanning and copying, as well as printing, can all be done in one place, saving time, energy and desktop space.

Colour faxing is now a possibility when you have a multi-function device at each end that is colour-capable, although it can be difficult to use.

Colour scanning is also common, even in monochrome print machines, and the quality divide between laser (colour laser is still fairly expensive) and inkjet, grows smaller daily.

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